Sunday, 25 November 2007

Getting even grumpier as I age

Sometimes I just want to scream, "Don't you know it's a programming language? Write some code!"

It's usually on the forums but today's example happened to be in the NUG

I think it's incredible that the HTMLViewer
does not have two extremely basic functions: Back() and Forward() -
how can we be without those?
I suppose I should have done my usual helpful point to the history class at my website, (written in 2005r1, I think) but it's the assumptions behind the question that get to me.


Steve Garman said...

I suppose I should have realised I'd offend someone on the forums by this posting.

Still, I think I did a reasonable job of expanding on this article in my reply on the forum

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it. I'm just as grumpy when answering the same question over and over again. I blogged about it myself not too long ago.

-Bob Keeney

Steve Garman said...

Wouldn't you know I'd choose the wrong example to include in my rant.
The OP on the NUG has pointed out (quite correctly) that a back() function would work differently from navigating to the same URL again, particularly in the case of forms.