Sunday, 17 June 2007

So I've finally taken the plunge

I renewed my subscription to REALbasic Professional Windows edition. Now I'm licensed for all the releases until June 2008, so I feel clean. My last subscription expired in May 2006.

My wife's copy is licensed through to August this year and I've been playing with that. Probably against the terms of her licence but I've done no paid work with it.

She doesn't use it and won't be renewing. Pascal has her heart and Delphi her skill. She doesn't like RB's object model much and she doesn't find BASIC satisfying.

I'm not crazy about the latest version of REALbasic because they haven't addressed the bugs that annoyed me most but I think REAL Software, Inc. should be congratulated on producing a release that concentrates mostly on bug-fixes and much less on new features.

So I've stumped up my €275 ( including Value Added Tax ) and now I can produce cross-platform apps again with a clear conscience.

And I've rejoined the Beta program in my own right.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could afford the professional version but I only write for the Mac right now.